The deed is done… (no not that deed)


Today, was the day where the restless anxiety begins.  We put forth earnest money and submitted a bid.  Lots of reading and signing.  The deadline is 5pm Wednesday, July 16 to hear back yay or nay.  Then 10 days due diligence (where we can do any surveying or inspections or anything like that).  And assuming all goes well closing on the 31st of July.  That of course is contigent on the seller accepting the offer AND the other player is out of the game.  Anywho, until Wednesday… Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrg!


House hunting and rain


It has rained significantly this week, in fact, I believe it has rained every day this week.  They come up really fast and pour down hard.  Almost every one has had some thunder and lighting along with it.  I still don’t understand how we’re in a drought…  check out the shots that I took just a few minutes ago:


We’re heading out to look at houses this afternoon, we’re already pre-approved, now we just have to find “the one.”
We really like this one, 3bed/2bath, full finished basement that is open, nice landscaping and TREES!!!  We’re putting a bid in on it tomorrow 🙂  The owners have almost finished moving out.


Back yard
Front yard (notice it’s on a cul-de-sac)

The front entry into the living room
Master Bedroom
Master closet, master bath, guest bath
Guest Room 1
Guest Room 2

Finally I write again!


I figured out an easy way to reduce gas consumption…  disolve NASCAR  🙂    Need to cut back on more emissions?  Formula One, drag racing, rally car, monster trucks…  just a thought 😉

For real, I didn’t know there were armadillos this far north, but I saw not one roadkill armadillo, but two on the same stretch of highway about a mile apart here in north GA.

Speaking of roadkill, I have a petpeeve and that is bicyclists riding on the road.  That isn’t safe for anyone, if you come around a blind corner going 50 and there is a bike going 20, what do you do, slam on the brakes and risk getting rear ended, blindly pass the biker and risk going headon with another car, or just run the biker down?  These are the questions you must ask yourself really fast.  It’s just so dangerous for everyone.

Ok, so it’s been a while, gotta remember what has happend since last time.  Rachel and my brother and I took a firearms safety class at the Adairsville Sporting Range.  The final class we got to shoot a variety of handguns, shotguns and even a sniper rifle.  Rachel got a Glock 23 .40S&W for her birthday (she knew about it ahead of time)  but while I was down in Atlanta buying it, I saw a deal on a baby Beretta .25 that we got to shoot in class.  So I surprised her with that on her birthday.  They’re actually mine until we do the paperwork to put them in her name.


I spent the last week of May in Collegedale, TN at camp meeting running the video switcher, calling shots.  Finally got all the recorded media up on the web, video and MP3s.  This year we’re actually authoring the DVD and sending them out to have them professionally replicated and silk screened.  Usually camp meeting is over saturday night, but I had a new problem to deal with… we want to make people more effective in their communication and many people come to camp meeting so sunday morning we had a communications workshop.  Naturally, the section I was in charge of was photography.  Let me tell you, I didn’t know how on earth I was going to speak for 30 minutes.  I have never done such a thing.  Granted I’m pretty comfortable tutoring people with photography concepts because that has been my job in the past, but I thought I would have to fluff out my presentation.  The night before, I just kept getting inspiration for new slides in my powerpoint.  It went from 48 slides to 75 before I went to bed at 2:45am the night before.  It wasn’t like I hadn’t prepared, I just had the feeling I needed more.  When I was about 85% through giving my presentation, my boss was like “can you finish up in like 5 minutes, you’ve been going for almost an hour”  “WHAT, really, wow, seriously?”  Anyways, I’m putting my presentation up online, when I get around to editing it.

I’m going to be gone for yet another camp meeting in north central TN.  Not that they asked me, but it is the same weekend as my 4th anniversary.  Guess we’ll have to figure out what to do after I get back.

OK, well I still haven’t posted this yet, now it is past that camp meeting, it is all up online now.

The other day we celebrated our 4th anniversary a week late (since I was working the previous weekend).  We ate at the Cheesecake Factory.  The best thing in the menu is the oh so delicious Avacodo Eggrolls.

After we ate there, we headed to the bank to discuss financing for the purchase of a house.  They were very impressed by our preparedness and our financial responsibility.  Hopefully that bodes well for us in the near future.

April 27th Weekend Update…


Well, the good news is, Rachel’s head is harder than we first thought, the CT scan showed she was fine and she can take a punch or three.

Thursday I had a lunch meeting for the planning of camp meeting, we had some yummy indian food.  Then Andrew and I ran over to the sporting goods store where I wrestled an elk.

Friday Andrew and I went fishing again at the park in Adairsville.  I caught some minnows in the net to use as bait, but for some reason fish don’t like the live minnow bait in my experience.  Anyways, the Bluegills were mating, so they’re all up against the shore in “nests”, they won’t bite at the bait though.  Can only catch bass there now, don’t know why but haven’t seen any crappie in there lately.  Anyways, I caught a bluegill in the net.  Then luckily I finally caught a Largemouth on the line.  We were out there 6 hours, so you can imagine the tan I got.

Saturday I was on assignment at Cohutta Springs, but I got to go to the 2 petting zoos, chased a duck, pet the goat, sheep, donkey, chicken, alpaca, and bunnies.  Did a little fishing too 😉

Sunday, Andrew wanted to test his boat out (see video here), so we took it to the park and took it for a spin around the pond.  Then Rachel tested it out too (see video here).  Drew alot of attention from those already fishing there.  A very successful run I must say, very stable and floats high in the water, even with 2 people in it.  It’s so light you could (if you could balance it’s bulk) pick it up with one hand. 

After that, we put the boat back on the trailer and fished for a couple hours.  Here is a collage of all the fish I caught this weekend:

Rachel is was off work today, it’s Confederate Memorial day.  I’m taking off to enjoy the day with her 🙂  I made fresh squeezed lemonade and boy is that delicicous!

Sunday news…


I added more detail to the last post since some of you read it, so you might want to reread it.

Over the weekend, I got a reply to the email from the gun safety class instructor, they said they could work with our schedule (which sounds like we’ll have a 2-person class of me and Rach).

Got up and went fishing this morning (sunday) at 7am, luckily it wasn’t a bust.  I caught a 10″ black crappie.

Later Rachel and I went to the park and she read to me while I fished but I caught nothing 😦

After that, we popped in a workout DVD at home and exercised until we could exercise no more, I don’t know if I’ll be able to stand tomorrow 😉

Where to begin…


After my last post of the old blog, I’ve been to Florida twice.  Once for Christmas with the family there, and once 2 weeks afterwards for work.  In between those times, we pulled up our stakes and moved here.

Although we’d like to look for a house while the housing is going cheap.  We want one that has at least enough room for a decent garden and to play croquet in the yard.   The neighborhood that we’re in now is really noisy, tons of kids walking through our yard, used to literally hang out on our porch.  If you see in the picture I’ve created a buffer, with by stringing some natural fiber rope and putting out plants along the walkway so it would be too hard for them to just wander over there.  Now they just walk right next to the rope, even when I’m out there with the plants, these people have no concept of personal space aparently.  Plus there’s always trash in the yard, so every week I put on glove and head out with a bag to pick up. 

We move on Jan 1st so taxes this year and next would be less complicated.  Rachel started her new job at the mental hospital.  I was able to get my driver’s license not too much later than moving, but Rachel works during the time the DMV is open, so she ended up getting her license much later when she took the day off to go to a furneral for one of her friend’s parents.  I now have my carry license, and Rachel will be able to pick her’s up from the probate office.  Rachel’s Valentine’s day present:

While I know my cousin Nichol better because she went to Southern, but didn’t know her sister that well, because we only really saw her when we were in FL for Christmas and other random reasons to be in FL.  But I learned from the Christmas card  we got from her, she was a quiet artist.  Since then I’ve been “hanging out” with her online at an artist website.  She already had an online gallery there, and I opened one, be sure to check it out HERE.

I’ve been keeping busy at work, everyone wants a video made, but there is only one of me.  If you haven’t seen my work which also includes promotional banners on the homepage, make sure to check out:  or if you want to go directly to the video page.  You can see a bit of my arial videography in the Cohutta Springs Youth Camp Cafeteria Expansion Update

Rachel called me yesterday, she told me she was on the way to the urgent care clinic.  She was punched 3 times by a patient.  Thankfully the Xrays showed that she was alright and just had a headache, she doesn’t even have a blackeye 🙂   Ok well she just got home and told me they looked closer at the xrays and want her to get a CT scan because they think her face has a fracture 😦

I haven’t been doing much geocaching since I moved.  What I have been doing a lot of, is fishing.  Andrew and I go fishing at least once a week.  Since moving to Georgia, I’ve caught:
My first Bluegill              bluegill 
 My first Black Crappie  

I’m not saying that’s all the fish I’ve caught.  I’ve caught a bunch of black crappie and largemouth bass, although that is the only bluegill I’ve caught.

Oh right, and our tradition of celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday lives on.  We had green eggs and wham (and potatoes and biscuits/gravy).  While we ate, we watched The Cat in the Hat movie.
Dr. Seuss Party
Well if I think of more, then I shall write more.

The Beginning of Blogging again…


Well, Aunt Janet has wondered what happend to my blog, so I brought it back.