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Polyethylene Canoe Repair


Well I bought a canoe, and it needs some work on it, after all the researching, I didn’t seem to be coming up with very much. See, this canoe is made of one of the more durable materials, yet the hardest to repair: polyethylene. Which many things in daily life are made from, however, it doesn’t really stick to anything, so repairing it is tricky. It does have the redeeming quality of being a thermo plastic, which means in some cases you can hot weld it with a soldering iron/heat gun/plastic welder. Since I really wasn’t finding any helpful information on canoe enthusiast forums, I went straight to the manufacturer: Old Town. I emailed customer service and here’s what they said:

As long as the gashes do not penetrate completely through the hull to the point where it is leaking water, you can patch up your cracks, scrapes, and gouges with a 2-part methacrylate adhesive called MA300 made by Plexus. It’s used for structural bonding of thermoplastics, metal, and other composite assemblies such as polyethylene and Royalex. You can find it at your local hardware shop like Home Depot or local marina. If you can’t find the MA300 locally, you can order it right online at and it’s called ‘repair putty’. Just apply it to the crack to fill it in or patch it, let it dry and your all set. You can then sand it down so it’s flush with the hull again. It dries in a cloud-like color but you can always touch it up with an automotive acrylic lacquer (spray paint) found at any automotive shop or Krylon Fusion. I hope this helps and please give us a call if you have any other questions or concerns. Thanks again and have a great day.

So there are many sources for the small quantities of MA300, but I only found one place that had a standard size cartridge for a caulking gun. It sets very fast, and I broke the caulking gun because I didn’t work fast enough so it jammed the nozzle, BUT the material is awesome, it dries to the same feel as the polyethylene the canoe is made of.   Jamestown Distributors is a ship building supplier in Rhode Island:

Other sources I found useful in my quest:


I’m BAAAA-aaack


Be a while, been up to many things and nothing at the same time.  I don’t think I’ve posted about the chickens on here have I?  Well I have 5 Red Star laying hens, built a coop for them, looks kind of like a large dog house with a little door.  They were juviniles when I got them, I would get an egg 1 out of 3 days.  Lately they’ve been on a streak, 2 eggs every day for the past 8 days (only 1 one day though).  Today I went out and checked the nests, had quite a surprise.  FOUR eggs!!!  and a Travelocity Gnome?!?!?  I think I know who did it, they most certainly read this blog because on the right sidebar ————>
you will notice I have a link to my wishlist, and I believe that is the only place I have it posted.  They also know where I live.  I’m sure it was planted there today while I was at work, which wasn’t as long today, we had our fall social today and got off early.   After I went grocery shopping, I headed home and worked on finishing up my lawn annexation.  I tried using my little tiller attachment for my weedeater, but that doesn’t work in the tough. dense clay.  So I decided to get a workout and use the pick-ax to losen it a section every day.  Yesterday after the copious amount of rain, I decided to take advantage of the softened dirt and finish it up.  I finished raking it smooth today and fertilized and seeded it.  Looks like rain tonight, so I won’t water it today. 

Why is it, when you move and notify all your billing utilities and they KNOW you’ve moved because they’ve transferred the service, that they aren’t smart enough to continue auto-drafting???  The cable bill, the electric bill, and the water bill were all over due, but I don’t know that because they don’t send me a paper bill anymore, they have “ebill.”  They don’t send a physical bill until it’s LATE.  I moved my service, it’s still in my name, why can’t they keep track of the money.

Oh and check out what my honey got me for my birthday 🙂

Moving and Olympics


Well, all our stuff is here, and we’ve cleaned out the old apartment and handed in the keys.  I’ve mowed the lawn and weeded the flowerbeds.  I’ve transplanted many of my potted plants into the ground.  Unpacking has been hindered by the great distraction of the Olympics (yay Michael Phelps).  Obviously we had to eat, so the kitchen was one of the first to get unpacked.  The actual first room had to be unpacked the morning after loading the truck, the TV had to be ready for the cable guy the an hour after we got to the new house with the truck.  The unpacked, wrinkled clothes are all over the place, we’re trying to stake out who gets what part of the walk-in closet.  And yet I STILL CAN’T FIND THE IRON…

Check out this awesome video, The Bible in a minute rap, found it this morning:
Bible In A Minute

Oh deer!


Well, this is the first day in our new home.  Thankfully we were able to find food to eat today and pots and pans to cook in.  I even found all the ingredients to make some fresh bread in the bread machine.  Homefully my new home will have the smell of fresh baked bread wafting through it in a little while.  When I was looking out the kitchen window, I saw a deer in the backyard (thankfully eating the weeds, not the flower).  I slowly worked my way out onto the porch and snapped a couple shots.


Kiss my butt

Kiss my butt

the deed is done, yes that deed


CLOSING is over!  We are now the owners of a house and a mortgage!  This is us after walking out the door of the attorney’s office with the keys 🙂  Tonight we commence the moving!

the big day


Today is the day we trade our lives for a mortgage.  We’re pretty much packed, I have the fish and turtle prepped for the move, all the utilities are set to transfer to the house, the cable guy will actually be coming tomorrow instead of the original earliest time of August 18th (yeah, can’t wait 18days for internet, TV yes, internet no way).  As soon as we get back from signing the papers, we have to go pick up the moving truck.  The only one they had left was a 26ft truck, a bit of overkill, but I know I only have to make one trip in it, which is good considering I have to pay $.69/mile besides the day rental fee.  The only problem I forsee is where to park it and lower the ramp at my duplex.  Probably going to have to go diagonal, but we’ll see.

time to pack


Well, lots of packing and paper signing, finding quotes and making lists of things that need to be done.  One of our friends gave us a giant zucchini.  Tonight I tried a new idea, you know, when zucchini comes flying fast and plentiful from the garden, you must find something other than zucchini bread to make regardless of the fact that it tastes so good.  I chose to use zucchini as a replacement for eggplant in eggplant parmesan.  Just so you know, it works great.  In fact, I think I like it much better.  Although I didn’t have a chance to make the whole bunch at once because the power went out tonight, big storm 😦

…he marched them up the hill and marched them down again


Today we spent the day at Amnicolola Falls park way back in the mountains of GA.  We had a lovely potluck picnic, sandwhiches, potato salad, beans etc.  Thankfully the day started off cloudy and stayed that way until we were done eating and could retreat to the shade on the trail.  After walking down 425 stairs to the bottom of the falls, we hiked down to the reflection pool, up the next trail, around and back up the 425 stairs to the top.  Check out the pictures from today and check further down, I added more pictures of our house in the section which I orginally posted pictures.


Yay for inspections…


Today I met the house inspector at my soon to be new home.  He gave it a clean bill of health after we finally found where the air filter for the second AC unit was (that would have been an issue, had it not exsisted).  Basically he said it should be pressure washed outside to keep any mold from creeping in, as it is covered in siding which has lips for mold to shelter under and grow on.  It wasn’t a problem, just a preventative maintnance tip.  I also studied the house and property more closely in the hour I was there and like it even more than before 🙂  I’ll post more pictures of the house later.  I’m heading to the bank to drop off some more papers.



You know what we won?  If you don’t, then you haven’t been reading my blog.  Check out the entries below to catch up!