I’m BAAAA-aaack

Be a while, been up to many things and nothing at the same time.  I don’t think I’ve posted about the chickens on here have I?  Well I have 5 Red Star laying hens, built a coop for them, looks kind of like a large dog house with a little door.  They were juviniles when I got them, I would get an egg 1 out of 3 days.  Lately they’ve been on a streak, 2 eggs every day for the past 8 days (only 1 one day though).  Today I went out and checked the nests, had quite a surprise.  FOUR eggs!!!  and a Travelocity Gnome?!?!?  I think I know who did it, they most certainly read this blog because on the right sidebar ————>
you will notice I have a link to my wishlist, and I believe that is the only place I have it posted.  They also know where I live.  I’m sure it was planted there today while I was at work, which wasn’t as long today, we had our fall social today and got off early.   After I went grocery shopping, I headed home and worked on finishing up my lawn annexation.  I tried using my little tiller attachment for my weedeater, but that doesn’t work in the tough. dense clay.  So I decided to get a workout and use the pick-ax to losen it a section every day.  Yesterday after the copious amount of rain, I decided to take advantage of the softened dirt and finish it up.  I finished raking it smooth today and fertilized and seeded it.  Looks like rain tonight, so I won’t water it today. 

Why is it, when you move and notify all your billing utilities and they KNOW you’ve moved because they’ve transferred the service, that they aren’t smart enough to continue auto-drafting???  The cable bill, the electric bill, and the water bill were all over due, but I don’t know that because they don’t send me a paper bill anymore, they have “ebill.”  They don’t send a physical bill until it’s LATE.  I moved my service, it’s still in my name, why can’t they keep track of the money.

Oh and check out what my honey got me for my birthday 🙂


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